Funding for Occupational Therapy in BC 

Finding the right services and funding is crucial when recovering from an injury. This guide will help you find possible options to fund Occupational Therapy services with OT Works! 

What Occupational Therapists do 

Community Occupational Therapists (OTs) help people get back to their important daily activities after an injury or disability.
They work with people in their real-life settings: in their homes, workplaces or in their community.
Having an OT help you in your real world can make a significant impact on your recovery.

What to expect of an OT assessment?

Who pays for Occupational Therapy? 

Community OT is not covered by MSP, however, there are many possible funding options depending on your individual circumstances and type of injury.  

At OT Works! we accept funding from several sources: 


Covers OT for work-related injuries. Contact your WorkSafeBC claim manager to refer you to OT Works! 
OT Works! is an approved providers under the Occupational Therapy Services contract. We serve WorkSafeBC clients with physical and brain injuries, and mental health. We also assist clients working with a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant through WorkSafeBC. 


Covers OT for motor-vehicle accident (MVA) injuries. 
You will need to have an open injury claim with ICBC, and provide us with a doctor’s note supporting OT to help you with the injuries or symptoms related to the MVA. 
Once you have provided the doctor’s note, our team will contact ICBC in your behalf to secure funding for you. 

Start Occupational Therapy after a car accident 

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) 

We’re an approved provider for veterans. Request a referral from your VAC Case Manager

RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members 

Funding may be available through your Occupational Nurse. Call us for more information. 

Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) 

Discuss OT coverage with your CVAP case manager. 

Vancouver Island Health Authority – Brain Injury Program

If you have a brain injury and lives in Vancouver Island, OT may be funded by the Vancouver Island Health Authority Brain Injury Program (VIHA-BIP). 
Please contact the program for details. 


Employers may fund OT to aid in your return to work and for performance improvement. Our OTs have experience providing ergonomic assessments and return-to-work plans to workers across BC. 
Please contact us and we can send a cost estimate directly to your employer. 

Private pay 

Self-referral is an option if other funding is unavailable. No doctor’s referral needed. 
Contact our team and we can advise you of our fees. 

Self-Funded OT services 

There are some other situations that may require OT services to be paid out-of-pocket: 

BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) 

If you’re looking for home modifications through BC RAHA, you must pay for OT privately, and submit the receipt for a partial reimbursement from the program. 
Please check BC RAHA’s website for program eligibility and reimbursement amounts.  

Extended Health Benefits  

Unfortunately, OT Works! cannot direct bill your extended health benefits provider. We request that you pay for services, and then submit the receipt to your benefits provider for reimbursement. Check your policy for details. 

OT Works! cannot bill the Ministry of Health or Disability Assistance programs. Please visit their websites for more information on providers and funding. 

Get started with and OT 

If you or someone you know could benefit from Occupational Therapy, contact us today to start your rehabilitation journey! 

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