OT Works! Holiday Hours

OT Works! will be closed during the holidays. 
We will be back to our regular hours on January 03, 2021, when we will be accepting new clients in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Sea-to-Sky, Sunshine Coast, Victoria and the Comox Valley.

Our Holiday Hours

Monday, December 20, 2021Open, 9am-5pm
Tuesday, December 21, 2021Open, 9am-5pm
Wednesday, December 22, 2021Open, 9am-5pm
Thursday, December 23, 2021Open, 9am-5pm
Friday, December 24, 2021Open, 9am-1pm
Monday, December 27, 2021Closed
Tuesday, December 28, 2021Closed
Wednesday, December 29, 2021Closed
Thursday, December 30, 2021Closed
Friday, December 31, 2021Closed
Monday, January 03, 2021Open, 9am-5pm

Regular business hours resume on January 03.

We wish you a very Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year! 

Get started with an OT

All of our therapists at OT Works! are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC).  Our approach is based on current research and evidence-based practice.

If you or someone you know could benefit from occupational therapy, contact us today!

Email:  referrals@ot-works.com

Vancouver:  604.696.1066 


BC RAHA: How an Occupational Therapist can help with home modifications

If you need home modifications to make your home safer for independent living, you might qualify for government-based BC RAHA program.  

What is BC RAHA? 

The BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations Program (BC RAHA) gives financial assistance to eligible low- and moderate-income households to complete home adaptations for accessibility. The program allows seniors and people with permanent disabilities or diminished ability to access greater independence within their own homes. As of March 2021, this program replaces the Home Adaptations for Independence Program, or HAFI. The revised program offers greater opportunity and simplified application processes. 

Who can apply? 

Homeowners, tenants and landlors alike can apply for the program. You may be eligible for BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) help if you, someone in your household or a tenant has permanent disability or loss of physical abilities and you meet all the application requirements. 
Please check the eligibility requirements at BC RAHA’s website: https://www.bchousing.org/housing-assistance/BC-RAHA 

How can an Occupational Therapist help? 

For some home adaptations, the program requires a completed assessment from an Occupational Therapist (OT). 

A home assessment by an Occupational Therapist can help identify special equipment, design features and ways to make your home safer and more accessible.  

An in-home assessment carefully considers the layout and features of your home with information about your disability or ability loss. An assessment identifies areas that could benefit from changes that allow you to continue living safely in your home as long as possible. Some recommendations may be simple like moving furniture to clear walking paths. Reducing your fall risk is a good start. By removing items that block your walking paths, you can improve mobility in your home without any extra cost.  

Other recommendations may need more effort. You may have to buy equipment or hire a contractor to make home adaptations. This is where BC RAHA program can help. The home assessment findings can be used to assist with planning and help guide decisions and discussions. This makes sure any adaptations made to your home will meet your needs.  

What are the home modifications that require an OT assessment? 

All adaptations will be assessed based on how they address a household member’s permanent disability or loss of ability. If it is not clear how the requested adaptations will help the household member maintain independence in the home the requested adaptations may not be approved, or medical documentation may be required.  

Not all modifications require an Occupational Therapist assessment. Please refer to the BC RAHA’s website (https://www.bchousing.org/housing-assistance/BC-RAHA) to see the complete list of adaptation types and maximum rebate schedule.  

Will BC RAHA cover the cost of the assessment? 

BC RAHA will not cover the total costs of the assessment but will provide you with a rebate of up to $250, even if you do not qualify for the program or do not have any adaptations done. 

Do I need a doctor’s referral to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist? 

No, a doctor’s referral is not required for OT assessments for BC RAHA. 

Why should I choose OT Works? 

All of our therapists at OT Works! are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC) and are skilled in assessing clients for their home modifications with BC RAHA program.  

Our OTs serve the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver Island.  To learn more about our services, contact us.  

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October is OT Month!

Every October, OT Works! celebrate our incredible team of Occupational Therapists and the difference they make in their clients’ lives! 

The theme proposed for OT Month by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) this year is I ❤️ OT!  
Our Occupational Therapists at OT Works! help our clients in their homes and workplaces.
We provide individualized rehabilitation that facilitates functional improvement and active living. 
With objective, medically supported information and a focus on function our experienced OT’s create meaningful change for our clients and customers. 

Mental Health

One way to celebrate OT month is by providing more information to the public about the importance of OT. 
Occupational Therapists provide a holistic approach to clients in their recovery, allowing them to get back to the activities they love. 
OTs also play an essential role in mental health care, and in aging in place. 
Read more about how an occupational therapist can help you with mental health support: https://www.oteveryday.ca/mental-health 

Occupational Therapy at OT Works! 

All of our therapists at OT Works! are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC) and are skilled in treating clients with physical injuries, mental health, and brain injuries.  
Our OTs serve the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver Island.  To learn more about our services, contact us.  

OT Works! Land Acknowledgement

OT Works! recognizes and acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, including Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Kwikwetlem, Katzie, Qayqayt, Sto:lo, Songhees, Esquimalt and K’omoks Nations, on whose unceded territories we live, learn, work and play. 

We perform a land acknowledgment at the beginning of each of our OT Works!’ meetings and have included a land acknowledgement on each page of our website as a reflection of our role as settlers and how the legacy of colonization continues to affect Indigenous People today. 

At OT Works!, we strive to help others and in doing so make the world a better place. 
As a company we promote quality care and ethical behavior.  We support advances in education and culture, value diversity and inclusion, and advocate sustainable use of natural resources. 
We recognize that respecting Indigenous rights is an extension of our beliefs and practices. 

We know that a land acknowledgement is  a small part of a much larger national discussion but we hope this statement can invite our team, clients, customers, and partners to reflection on Indigenous history and values.

Learn more about the importance of land acknowledgment:

How Occupational Therapy can help with social anxiety

With COVID-19 restrictions being slowly lifted, and people starting to get back to in-person social and work activities , some people are experiencing unexpected feelings of unease and anxiety. 

Many people were expecting to be very happy and socially active right now, meeting friends, going to favorite restaurants, or joining that fitness class that they have been missing. But if instead of joy you are feeling afraid, anxious and are avoiding going out, please know that you’re not alone.  Many people are feeling the same way.

According to Anxiety Canada, “Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders, affecting between 7 and 13% of the population”. 

How to effectively cope with social anxiety  

The good news is that there are effective ways to cope with social anxiety.  
Here are some good tips from Healthline

  1. Ease back into it 
  1. Visualize situations in your head 
  1. Allow yourself to be scared 
  1. Practice self-care 
  1. Get professional help 

Addressing anxiety is one of many things that Occupational Therapists can help with during these uncertain times.  Our OTs have training and experience helping people overcome fear, anxiety and help them get back to doing things they love. We know that dealing with social anxiety can be overwhelming, but our Occupational Therapists are ready to help you getting back to the activities that are meaningful to you. 
All of our therapists at OT Works! are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC) and are skilled in treating clients with anxiety and other mental health concerns.  
Our OTs serve the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver Island.  To learn more about our services, contact us

Additional Resources 

Anxiety Canada: Self-help strategies for social anxiety 

Statistics Canada: Social Anxiety disorder: much more than shyness 

New York Times: How to deal with quarantine-induced social anxiety 

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OT Works! is hiring!

OT Works! is expanding services in Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Victoria!

We have open positions for Experienced Occupational Therapists in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, and for recent grads in Victoria and Fraser Valley.

If you know someone that would be a great fit for these roles, please share this post!

If you’d like to apply, please check our Careers page for more information.

OT Works! is the organization of choice for occupational therapists who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Since 2000 our team has grown due to our commitment to our values and our people. We care about the people we serve and the people work alongside. Our therapists and clients are treated as individuals, not numbers. We are passionate about what we do and foster an environment where you can be inspired and be inspiring.

Apply today!

Run for Water: Providing clean water to communities in Ethiopia

For the fourth consecutive year, OT Works! Team participated in Run for Water, a run, walk and bike challenge with the goal of providing clean water to at-risk communities in Ethiopia. 
OT Works! Team members and their families ran, walked and biked on their local communities following the current restrictions and guidelines of BCCDC. 
Together, our team completed 111 activities during the month of May, and we covered almost 1,100 kilometers.  

Run for Water sponsors provide clean water for life for one person for each completed activity.  
In addition to our team’s efforts, OT Works! also donated $2,450 to the event, what made us the  number one team in the donation amount for the event! 
In total, OT Works! raised funds to provide clean water to 181 people in Haro, Ethiopia. 
Our collective results were great, and our team members also had some outstanding individual accomplishments. Here’s some of our team’s highlights: 

  • Our Coordinator, People & Services, Milena Duarte, was the second place overall in the challenge for bike rides. She completed over 320 kilometers, and did one long ride of 110 kilometers in one day! 
  • Our associate Stephanie completed 21 runs during the challenge, covering 124 kilometers in total. 
  • Jaclyn Penner, one of our OTs, ran or biked 81 kilometers, and entered 12 different activities. 
  • Our OT Julia Pereira ran a total of 79k over 13 runs. 

    Way to go, OT Works! Team! 

OT Works! believes that we have a role to play in making the world a better place. We are committed to building a sustainable society that acknowledges our individual and collective impact on the natural world and environment. 

We look forward to participating in 2022 Run for Water event.

From left to right, top to bottom: Randy and his beautiful family on a walk on the North Shore; our Business Director, Jason and his family biking on Stanley Park; Janet and her partner run in PoCo; Melissa after a run in Vancouver; and Milena during a bike ride in Delta.

OT Works! 2020 Virtual Holiday Party

The world was a different place in 2020, but at OT Works! we still had reasons to celebrate and being connected with our team is something that is very important to us!

To maintain everyone safe and healthy, we decided to host a Virtual Holiday Party in 2020. Although we were physically distant from each other, the connection between our team felt stronger than never!

The party was carefully planned by our Social (and fun) Committee: every person on our team received a Fresh Feast delivered to their door with a delicious dinner provided by a local company.
Our team members and their family were also invited to dress for the occasion: while some people chose fancy gowns, others preferred to wear a festive ugly sweater.

Our delicious holiday meal from the local company The Dirty Apron

We also had a fun game prepared by our Office Manager, Tammy, where we learned some curious fun facts and life experiences about each other.

Finally, OT Works! also hosted a Secret Santa – Socks edition, where our team members exchanged (by sending the gifts via post) cozy and cool socks to keep everyone warm during winter.

It felt great being connected, sharing a laugh, and spending such a wonderful time virtually with our team.
We are hopeful that in 2021 our Holiday Party will be in-person.

We feel privileged and honored to have worked with amazing clients and team this year. We look forward to meeting and helping others in 2021.

From our families to yours, we hope you have a Safe Holiday Season and a Joyous New Year!


Giving Back to the Community

2020 was a different year for everyone.
More than ever, it is important to give back to our communities and to support initiatives that provide change and promote social justice.

As part of our annual efforts to give back to the community, OT Works! is pleased to support Vancouver-based Project Change Foundation for another year. Change is central to the philosophy of occupational therapy and our therapists facilitate change to promote health and recovery.

Project Change Foundation provides financial and other support to early-stage charities in Canada with significant potential for creating social or environmental change.

In previous years, the Foundation has already provided grants and support to charities such as Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association, The Lipstick Project, Backpack Buddies, and Binners’ Project.

This year, Project Change was able to support two organizations: Inspire Community Outreach and Refugee Women’s Network.

Inspire Community Outreach is an incorporated non-profit social services agency providing evidence and culturally informed, family-centered education and programming, designed to meet the needs of those living with mental health issues and neurological/cognitive differences.
Read more about the Inspire Community Outreach on their website: inspirecommunityoutreach.ca

Refugee Women’s Network empowers refugee and new immigrant women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate into Canadian society while still maintaining respective cultural values.
Read more about Refugee Women’s Network on their website: refugeewomensnetwork.org

Learn more about Project Change: projectchangefoundation.com

OT Works! also continues to support other organizations as they empower people in Canada and around the world, such as WWF, Plan Canada and Because I am a Girl.

We're Open

OT Works! Holiday Hours

OT Works! is open during the holidays and will be accepting new clients throughout the holiday season.  We are accepting new clients immediately in Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, and we are scheduling new clients for Victoria and the Comox Valley for January 2021.

Our Holiday Schedule

Monday, December 21, 2020Open
Tuesday, December 22, 2020Open
Wednesday, December 23, 2020Open
Thursday, December 24, 2020Closed
Friday, December 25, 2020Closed
Monday, December 28, 2020Open
Tuesday, December 29, 2020Open
Wednesday, December 30, 2020Open
Thursday, December 31, 2020Closed
Friday, January 01, 2021Closed
Monday, January 04, 2021Open

Regular business hours resume on January 04.

We wish you a very Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year! 

Get started with an OT

All of our therapists at OT Works! are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC).  Our approach is based on current research and evidence-based practice.

If you or someone you know could benefit from occupational therapy, contact us today!

Email:  referrals@ot-works.com

Vancouver:  604.696.1066 

Victoria: 250.999.8896