Occupational Therapy and ICBC Rehabilitation: A Successful Return to Work and Life

Occupational therapists believe that an essential part of recovering from a motor-vehicle accident (MVA), and related injuries, is being able to participate in the activities that mean the most to people.  OTs assist ICBC clients as they re-engage in meaningful daily routines or “activities of daily living” (ADLs).  OTs recommend early intervention, but occupational therapy can be beneficial no matter how long it has been since the MVA.

The therapists at OT Works! have extensive experience with concussions, mental health and return-to-work planning.  They address their clients’ physical, emotional and cognitive needs and use evidence-based practice to empower them.  Each client has a unique treatment plan, tailored to their strengths, interests and potential.

The three case studies show how occupational therapy can make a big difference in post MVA-rehabilitation at various times in the recovery process.

0-30 Days Post-MVA

30-90 Days Post-MVA

90+ Days Post-MVA

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All of our therapists are certified with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC) and have additional training in areas such as mental health, brain injury rehabilitation, home safety and chronic pain.

Contact us if you or anyone you know could benefit from occupational therapy, of if you have questions about an an OT can help after an MVA.

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