We will match your request with a qualified, registered OT with experience in your service. To ensure prompt care, assignment of OT will be based on availability.


Be productive, get organized and unleash your super powers when working from home.



Strategies and equipment recommendations to ergonomically modify your workstation, reduce pain, improve comfort, and increase productivity



Individualized strategies to help improve focus, increase energy, enhance organization skills, and be more productive in your home work environment



Specific strategies to help establish balance with work and family life, while also improving routines, structure, focus, and ability to work at home


Develop, and be your best self with the help of online Occupational Therapy



Strategies to help you find new ways to feel energized, including ways to exercise at home and stick to your routines, which will make it easier to start your day!

Mental Health

$345 to $575

Strategies to help you manage your mental health with a focus on self-care and improving routines and structure.


Variable pricing

Specific strategies to help reduce loneliness and boredom, and reconnect you with things that bring life meaning.

Chronic Pain


A variety of strategies to manage chronic pain, using the power within you.



This 10-week Progressive Goal Attainment Program helps people with stabilized, chronic health conditions get back to work and life



You've completed a LiveWELL or WorkWELL package and want a little more to sustain the gains