Home Office Ergonomics

The OT will conduct an ergonomic assessment and then review photographs or live video of you working at your workstation, to develop specific strategies and equipment recommendations. The OT will follow up with you after changes have been made to ensure ongoing success.

These tips will aim to decrease:

  • muscle strain
  • awkward and/or repetitive movements or positions

Physical wellness will be improved when working from home, resulting in:

  • deceased pain
  • better comfort, focus, and energy
  • improved productivity
  • $345.00

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    This may be covered by extended health insurance. Click here for more info.


    • Interview & ergonomic assessment
    • List of equipment recommendations, if needed, and provided in an email or phone call within 2 business days
    • Written and verbal education of workstation body positions and strategies to increase productivity and comfort when working from home
    • Follow up session to review impact of the recommendations, and problem solve other individualized modifications, if needed (up to 1 hour)

    Does Not Include

    • The cost of the recommended equipment
    • The time to source, order and set up the ergonomic equipment
    • Formal medical-legal report
    One-to-One Treatment
    Registered Therapist
    Private, Secure, Confidential

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