Run for Water – Supporting Community

OT Works! therapists and families joined the 2018 Run for Water in support of clean water projects in Gora Bantu, Ethopia. We had runners in 10k and 5k events having fun and donating to help address the water crisis in Africa.

As OTs we see how physical activity is so important to health and wellbeing. We also appreciate we are fortunate to live and work in Vancouver, were we are blessed with an abundance of fresh, clean water. Sometimes we complain about the rain, but we love it and are grateful for it. These are the reasons we support Run for Water and what this Abbotsford-based, non-profit organization is about:

We believe that running is awesome, inspiring, and often life-changing.
We believe that everyone on this planet should have access to clean water.

All fundraising proceeds go directly to water projects in Africa. And the difference it can make is life-changing. Just $35 provides 1 person in Gora Bantu with access to safe, clean drinking water for life. This year over $450,000 funds were raised.

Previous Run for Water campaigns supported the community of Sasiga, Ethiopia.

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