Vocational Assessments

What is a vocational assessment?

A vocational assessment is an assessment battery used to highlight an person’s strengths and potential within the workplace. A vocational assessment addresses questions that arise when employment is put on hold as a result of an accident, injury or disability. Vocational assessments consider the following factors when making recommendations for returning to gainful employment:

  • Strengths & unique skillset
  • Previous education and work experience
  • Aptitude
  • Career interests
  • Personality
  • Current physical and mental health

Who would benefit from a vocational assessment?

Vocational assessments can be a helpful and practical resource for individuals who are looking for answers related to suitability for re-training, to determine potential alternate occupations, and provide recommendations for on-going vocational rehabilitation.In addition, OTW can provide Medical-Legal Vocational Assessments for both Plaintiff and Defence counsel. Other vocational services offered include labour market research, career exploration and job search, and 1:1 coaching related to one’s employment and education goals.

The OTWorks! Approach

Occupational therapy recognizes the importance of work and engaging in productive activities to maintain and enhance health (Arbesman & Logsdon, 2011). Our vocational assessments are completed by registered occupational therapists, who are committed to providing holistic care, with an emphasis on function and supporting clients to reach their potential within the workforce.

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